Thursday, January 1, 2015

JETBOIL MiniMo Cooking System Review

JETBOIL MiniMo Cooking System 
Backpacking Stove
This is one of those things that every backpacker needs and there are about 100 different ways to cook food when backpacking. Some use a bigger stove while a minimalist can use the tiniest of tiny stoves available. I think the MiniMo is a middle of the road stove both in size and weight. We use this A LOT while out. We cook most meals and this one does a fantastic job in feeding us while we were out. 

I especially like the simmer control. There are times when all we need is water and JETBOIL is unmatched in how fast it can boil water, it's amazing! But there are times when we are actually cooking food like french toast or some other type of meal, where we want to cook it over low heat. The adjustable flame is awesome for that. 

There are many different styles of JETBOIL stoves. I like this one because it is shorter and wider than most, making it easier to actually eat out of. The taller ones require a bowl or a very long spoon to reach the bottom! 

We spend some time dehydrating and creating meals and sometimes need to do more than just boil water. With the addition of the Pot support, you can use just about any pan. We made the mistake of not buying this on our first time out with this stove and totally melted the regulator. OOPS! Thankfully, REI exchanged it out and now we are good to go, but won't make that mistake again. You really do have to have the pot support. 

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