Friday, January 1, 2016

Sweet Watermelon Jerky

Sweet Watermelon Jerky

Otherwise known as fruit crack that tastes
like watermelon Laffy Taffy. 

If you like watermelon, you have to try this! 

Ingredients: Watermelon

Directions: Slice and dehydrate! It's super easy. 
Here is my process...

I sliced about half a watermelon. I first slice it into 1.5 inch rounds, cut off the rind, then slice it into 1/4" slices. Lay them out on the trays and put into the dehydrator. 

After about 10 hours at 149 degrees, it comes out dried, but still fairly soft. 

I remove it from the dehydrator trays and lay it out on a cooling rack to dry for a little while longer. 
It will get more crisp, but will still be chewy. 

If you want to keep it this way, loosely package in ziplock bags to enjoy in the next few days. 
For longer storage, vacuum seal it. However, the layers will stick together and although super chewy and yummy, kind of hard to separate and you end up eating big watermelon chunks. Still, not a bad thing. It's delicious however you choose to enjoy it. 

Sweet Watermelon Jerky
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Ingredients: 1 ripe watermelon

Slice whole watermelon into 1.5" rounds.
Remove Rind. Slice watermelon 1/4" thick.
Lay onto dehydrator trays.
Dehydrate for about 10 hours at 140-145 degrees.
Remove and allow to dry.
Package and enjoy!!

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