Ruby Teardrop

Ruby Ritz Teardrop
Little Guy (girl) Five Wide
We had been planning on going backpacking this weekend. We were really needing to get away for a weekend and un-plug. We had our bags packed and ready to go when I got a Facebook alert that a Little Guy Teardrop had been posted. I responded and after some creative time negotiations, I made myself first in line! I drove the truck over to Rocklin and unless the wheels are falling off, I'm pretty sure I'm coming back with a teardrop. 

They had it all set up and displayed in the front yard. I'll take it!! haha

I took a quick look around, as best I could. But there isn't much to look at. It's a 5x8 trailer on wheels. It had new tires and appeared to be in good condition. I paid him, we filled out some paperwork and wheeled it by hand, down the driveway to the street and quickly had it hitched to Val. 
Ruby is a Little Guy Five Wide, 2008 model. Pretty much stock other than the little side table that was added. They sold it with everything that was in the photos. 

We had been searching for a teardrop for quite some time, but because this came up so quickly and Chris was at work, I viewed it, bought it, hooked it to the truck and send him this pic. He quickly figured out the smirk on my face and the trailer behind me! 

Coordinates nicely with Val! 

Our backpacking plans became camping plans at Tells Creek and used the trailer as base camp for our hike to Forni Lake. You can read our post HERE.
After we got home, we quickly decided we wanted to make some changes. The biggest of which was insulation and wiring for lights and plugs. One of the first things we did was start removing the paneling to check for insulation, we quickly discovered there was a HUGE colony of carpenter ants living in the trailer!! OMG! We had just slept in the trailer and these were right by our heads the whole time. YUK!! We didn't take any pics because we were too busy spraying and grossing out. There were soooo many ants!!  
As you can see, the ants are finally all gone. After the craziness of the ant removal, we were finally able to assess the insulation. What we found were a few haphazardly cut pieces of reflectix thrown
in the voids. Essentially, nothing. In order to do this right, we need to remove ALL of the paneling and insulate the floor as well. 
Removing all of the paneling also revealed some water damage in both the front end and the back near the tail lights. We've got some work to do. But thankfully, no more ants! 

Thankfully, the carpenter ants had not yet had time to do damage to the wood. We were able to leave it in place and get busy with wiring and insulation. 

The corner with some water damage. 

We had to drop down the cabinets to remove the ceiling paneling. 

Found some wood rot and removed it, then cut in and epoxied a plug. Also sprayed down the mold and mildew on the rear panel with a bleach solution, then let dry.

Now with Ruby stripped down, we could see what we were working with.  Everything looked pretty sound and we began planning on lighting fixture locations and wiring runs.

We removed the old standard vent and ordered a Maxxair 12v fan vent to replace it.

Drilling and cutting a channel for the new fan vent wires to run.

We added stringers and new floor insulation.

And reflectix. 

New floor. She's fully insulation underneath. 
Hopefully that will help with being cold during the night. 

Removed the old side marker wiring and pulled new wire for the light fixtures to be installed.

Flex Seal "As Seen on TV"
Let's see if this is really as good as the commercials say it is... 

Four thick coats of flex-seal on the rear panel to help minimize any further water intrusion and degradation. We also reset the taillights with extra silicone as that seemed to be the source of the leaks.

Foam insulation going in the ceiling and front walls, then covering it with reflectix. 

Fully insulated interior. No more feeling like we are sleeping inside a soda can. 

Fully insulated and the pretty new Maxx Air Fan!

New birch interior panels going in.

Testing the new lights.............they work.

Tried to keep the wiring as simple and serviceable as possible. Installed a fuse panel inside the center cabinet and will build a box enclosure for it.  Still testing all the wiring.

Carpet on top of the subfloor. This is really starting to tie it all together. The carpet makes it feel like we are close to being done! 

A new 6" queen short memory foam mattress. Letting it loft and breath for a bit before we install it. 

Lower shelf under the cabinets. Complete with USB ports!

Built out the rear galley with a table top we purchased on Craigslist for $30. To get around the rear hatch latch problem we extended the counter to flip out using flush mount deck hinges. The original cabinet got skinned with some leftover paneling from the interior. 1500 watt inverter and new galley light installed. Just need to add some shelves and trim.

 A new group 27 Duracell deep cycle battery was added up front to power everything and we will soon be adding a Renogy solar panel and charge controller so that we can be completely off the grid while we get gone.