Tells Creek - Forni Lake

Tells Creek Camping and Forni Like Hiking
El Dorado County, CA
Desolation Wilderness

We had been planning on going backpacking this weekend. We were really needing to get away for a weekend and un-plug. We had our bags packed and ready to go when I got a Facebook alert that a Little Guy Teardrop had been posted. I responded and after some creative time negotiations, I made myself first in line! I drove the truck over to Rocklin and unless the wheels are falling off, I'm pretty sure I'm coming back with a teardrop. 

We had been searching for a teardrop for quite some time, but because this came up so quickly and Chris was at work, I viewed it, bought it, hooked it to the truck and send him this pic. He quickly figured out the smirk on my face and the trailer behind me! 

Meet Ruby. Ruby Teardrop. 

She just happens to coordinate very well with Val. 

All of our plans for the weekend changed, just like that. Chris got off of work, we loaded our backpacks and a few other items for "base camp" and headed out. Good thing we are both flexible. Guess our backpacking trip is now going to be figuring out how to be base campers with a teardrop! 

We changed locations and went to Tells Creek Equestrian Camp. It's easy to get to and has lots of options for hiking trails. 

We set up camp. I mean set out our chairs. 
We set up camp in about 2 minutes and were looking around like, is that it? 
Yes!! With a trailer we don't have to do much else. This is awesome!! We had a good nights' sleep and headed out the next morning for a hike. We were originally heading to McConnell Peak, but decided to head to Forni Lake instead. Just northwest of the peak, but a little easier to get to, at least we think so. 

The road from Tells Creek heads out towards the Van Vleck area to the Highland trail. 

This is the junction to the Red Rock Trail also. 

Entering desolation. Yay!

We hike on and on. I'm telling Chris the story of Michael and I heading out in this area to backpack at Forni Lake and getting off trail. We dispersed camp out here. 

We continue on and just as before, the trail does not match the map. There is a marker that heads the wrong way. We decide to see if we can stay on the trail according to the map. 
We are looking for the Highland Trail that is on the map. We are the blue dot. 
Obviously, not on the trail. 

That means off trail and going through the thicket of bushes and trees. 

We walked around open spaces looking for what would have been the mapped trail. Nothing. 

We back-tracked and headed down the trail that heads towards Shadow Lake. We got to another area where the trail just ended. This trail appeared travelled, but we quickly realized it was because others also get off trail in this same area. We turned around again and were able to locate a side trail marked by a cairn that heads towards Forni Lake. 

We headed up and over the hill expecting to get a good view of the lake. 

Is this a game trail? We will find out. 

Over the top, we still don't see much of a trail. 

We keep going, backtracking when needed and getting closer to the lake, at least on the map. 

Then finally!! The Lake! Wow, that was a crazy hike getting here, but we finally made it. We only encountered a few people on the way to/from the lake. Not many venture out here. I'm sure because it's a little hard to find. 

We stopped for lunch and laid on a large rock for a bit of a rest. The view wasn't bad at all. 

Time to head back to camp! Gorgeous views from up here. 

This was a quick, un-planned trailer trip, but we are loving the trailer so far. We had two great nights of rest and setting up and breaking camp were super easy! We are excited about making some modifications/upgrades and making new memories and adventures in our little teardrop.