B-17C Bomber Crash Site Hike

B17C Crash Site Hike
Tells Peak Area
We finished up our weekend at Shadow Lake with a hike to locate the B-17C Bomber that went down in severe weather in November 1941. They were on a trip from Reno to Sacramento when the plane went down and large portions of it are still preserved in the area near Tells Creek. Being that this is a National Historical Site, the exact coordinates seems to be fairly well protected, so I won't be posting them here either. There have been a number of people removing large sections of the wreckage, so we wanted to see it before it "disappears". 

This crash was documented on the Discovery Channel with a show called "Broken Wings".  I have several friends as well as my search and rescue team who have visited this site and it was time we try to find it. 

We got out on the trail. It's pretty well trafficked by people and horses, so easy to follow

A picture of him taking a picture of me! :-)

Can't say this trail isn't maintained... 

Some pretty flowers still blooming

"Ribbet" This little guy was just hanging out on the trail. 

We missed a hairpin turn not far from here and ended up 3/4 of a mile farther down this trail than we meant to be, but got turned back around and back on track. 

But with the wrong turn, we discovered this area. 
Very cool and a creek running by the rocky area. 

Finally got in the right area and began our search for the wreckage. 

It's off the trail and hidden in the bushes. But we finally found it!

Here are pictures of what we saw of the wreckage. 
There are several pieces that are not with the main wreckage, but we didn't try to locate those.  

It was an interesting find. 
Amazing how much it's sinking into the ground, but it has been there for a very long time. 

This really finished out an amazing weekend for us. 
Shadow Lake
Tells Peak and the B-17C wreckage. 

Hmmm, shorts may not have been a good idea. 
And no, my legs are not hairy, that's all dirt! 

Now, go get gone!