Mount Tallac from Fallen Leaf Lake

Mount Tallac, South Lake Tahoe
Desolation Wilderness - El Dorado National Forest
Elevation 9,738

Tallac has been on my list for a while now and today is the day! The trailhead is off of Mt. Tallac Road just a few miles from Camp Richardson on Hwy 89. The road is clearly marked, so follow the signs to the trailhead from the road. Get there early, parking is limited, especially on the weekends. This trail is pretty heavily trafficked, so expect to be sharing the trail at times. It is rated as difficult, but I find it to be a strong moderate. It's steep and long, but easily negotiable. 

The trailhead. Get your permit for entering Desolation Wilderness here. 

Just getting started and already the views are amazing. Fallen Leaf Lake is what we are seeing here. 

We stopped for a quick snack break. 

This is about 5 miles in. Trail is getting steeper 

And considerably rockier. These are much bigger than they appear in the photo. 

But the views are amazing!

A quick rock scramble near the top. 
And we are at the peak! Peak+Selfie = Peakfie?

There is no shortage of yellow jackets and chipmunks up here at the top. The chipmunks are friendly, just looking for a snack. The yellowjackets, not so much. 

A view of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake off to the right. Gorgeous!

Time to head back down. LOTS of pretty flowers and foliage this time of year. 

Gorgeous summer day

It was VERY windy on the way back. At times, it felt like it would blow you right off the mountain. 

The views just never stop. Even almost near the bottom, the views are still amazing. I would definitely do this one again. You just can't beat the trail or the views. Expect to spend all day if you're headed to the top. It's a long 8.5 mile trail.