Lovers Leap Snowshoeing and SAR training

Lovers Leap Snowshoe Training with SAR
Elevation approx. 6,949 - 5+ miles
Out for a fun time of playing in the snow with Search and Rescue. 

Lovers Leap is accessible from a few different ways. Last week I hiked it with my friend Brent and we came in from Camp Strawberry. This time around, we are entering from the opposite (West) side closer to Strawberry at the 42 mile marker. 
Not a bad hike from either direction. 

Todays Mission: Find a lost subject in the snow at the top of lovers leap. We were broken into teams, roles assigned and given coordinates. We then set out to find our guy. The first part of the trail was flat and although slippery and deep snow, we were able to negotiate it without snowshoes. 

Briefing about the training and our missing subject ;-)

It's wet, snowy and soggy, but we are ready to go!!

Soon after this shot, we hit the trailhead and snowshoes were needed the rest of the way. 

Weather was coming in, so time was of the essence. We have a subject to locate!

Water crossing. Easy one.... There was a bridge :-)

Getting up towards the top. 

Broke out into a grid pattern to find our guy. 

Here's me, right before I discovered....

Our missing subject was YODA!!! 
We stopped and took a break after the find. We were glad to see he was in good health and unharmed. I made a turkey sandwich with a sun dried tomato pesto, red bell peppers and tomatoes. Needless to say, others were jealous! No more PB&J for this girl. 

Time to get back to the IC, bad weather is coming!! 

It was a great day of training and we made it back before the weather rolled in.

This map shows Lovers Leap and both Camp Sacramento and Forty Two Mile Entrances. 
I'd say they are pretty equal hikes, although from Camp Sacramento it may be slightly shorter. 
Both are moderate in difficulty.