Snowshoeing Lovers Leap from Camp Sacramento

Lover's Leap - South Lake Tahoe
Snowshoeing from Camp Sacramento
Elevation 6,949
My friend Brent and I had been wanting to get our for a little snowshoeing. Just a fun day, nothing too crazy, but enough to get gone for the day. We chose to head up to Lover's Leap from Camp Sacramento. It was a gorgeous day. Weather decided to be just right for a day of snowshoeing. 

Neither of us had been up there before, so we parked, put on our snowshoes and with GPS in hand, headed towards the peak. 

Trailfie! My friend Brent and I. We've been friends since 2008. 

As we get higher, the views are getting better and better!

This was all fresh powder. No tracks to be seen in any direction! Love it!

Caught Brent taking a selfie! Smile!!

Off in the distance.... Pyramid Peak

Hwy 50 below. 

Standing on the edge of lover's leap. We didn't see anyone up there until we got to the top. Then, two guys had come up from the other side.  They had a thermos and lunch in hand. They picked and area, sat down and slid down the side to the ledge! Scared the crap out of me. I thought they were going over the side. When I saw they had gone down to a ledge to have coffee/lunch I felt better, but then wondered... how are they going to get back up? Hmmmm...  They seemed pretty confident in their choices, so we had a snack and headed back down. This is a great shortish day hike. Great when you want to get out for some fresh air, but don't necessarily want to leave it all on the mountain, saving a little for another day...