Mount Rose Peak Hike

Mount Rose Peak - Mount Rose, NV
Tahoe Rim Trail - Toiyabe National Forest
Mount Rose Wilderness
Elevation 10,776
Double Peak Weekend

Had a tough hike yesterday on a SAR training hike going up Pyramid Peak via Lyons Trailhead. 13 miles. Took all day and was very strenuous. Then jumped in the car, drove to Reno so we could go to the 3 Doors Down concert. What a day!! I was exhausted, but it was so worth it. Was glad to be able to check Pyramid Peak off of the list. That was a tough one for me. 

And since we are going to be in Reno, we should run up another peak, right? Of course!! 

I had tired legs, but was up for the challenge. 
Chris had taken the opportunity on Saturday to hike around Granite Chief Wilderness, he ran into a bit of snow, so wasn't able to get as high as he had hoped, but the scenery was beautiful. Looked like a great hike. Looking forward to going back there to explore around with him. 
So, for today's hike we will be heading up Mount Rose. I have heard that this is a fun hike. Starts at over 8,000 feet, so a great one to test the altitude too. 

And here is the plan... I love it when they say strenuous. 
To me that means more fun!!

Trailhead selfie!
And we are off on our adventure!

This is a well maintained trail. We ran into many patches of snow. After we both had to deal with a lot of snow yesterday, I was worried we wouldn't be able to reach the peak.

Thankfully, most of the trail looked like this. Quite dry and well maintained. 

I will "crush you". Haha! 

More snow... The trail continues to go up, but not too steep. It's been a nice hike so far. Tired legs and all are handling this pretty well, just going slow. 

Yep, we are on the right trail. Keep pressing on towards Mount Rose Summit. 

We came across this very pretty waterfall about 2.5 miles down the trail. 

 Waterfall selfie. Walfie?

Some great views as we get higher up the trail. 

Then the steep stuff really starts! 

And steeper still, but the views are getting better and better!

More and more switchbacks as we get closer to the top. 

The peak is in sight! Thankfully we don't have to scramble those rocks. The trail is pretty well defined. Whew. I had enough of that at Pyramid yesterday.

And we made it to the peak!! 10,778 feet. Really thought we would feel the elevation over 10k, but the euphoria from being so close to the top really kicked in and we both felt great. 

Views and views and more views!

It's official, we are at the peak. 

Peak selfie! 

Working on a cairn...

And adding to my collection of heart rocks, was this one. Found it in a small bed of flowers, then a ladybug landed on me. Felt like the trifecta of good luck! Had to get a picture of this one. 

The top was a bit windy, but we found a place with a small wind break and enjoyed a nice lunch before heading back down. We knew that down was going to go quite fast, so we relaxed for a little while at the top. 

Cute little water crossing

And more snow to deal with. Didn't mind seeing snow in June, it's just a bit slippery to walk up and over at times. 

We did it!! Up and down Mount Rose in a quick afternoon. For being called strenuous, it really wasn't that bad at all. Besides having tired legs, I would say this would be a fast hike on a regular day. 
It's so fun enjoying time with someone who also likes to hike and play in the mountains. Looking forward to our next adventure! Wonder where it will be... 

Now, Go Get Gone!!