Echo Lake to Aloha Lake

Day Hike from Echo Lake to Aloha Lake
Desolation Wilderness
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Elevation 7,415

This is a beautiful hike. Not too strenuous with elevation gain/loss, which is only about 500 feet from Echo to Aloha, but it is a long hike (13+ miles) and on a hot day, it's very exposed. There is an option to cut off 2.7 miles each way if you take the water taxi, but where's the fun in that? I needed a little bit of "get gone" time, so the water taxi wasn't an option. I wanted this one to last a while. 

I've hiked this trail a few times. It's one of those trails that I can do spur of the moment. Grab some food, take plenty of water and hit the trail. In Spring time, be sure to check with the Chalet as the road in can be closed due to snow.

This is easy to get to off of Hwy 50, but arrive early as parking can be an issue. There is no parking at the Chalet, so you have to use the Sno-Park or the road if you're lucky enough to find a spot.

The trailhead is located behind the Chalet and across the dam. You'll then see the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) Trailhead sign. 

Plenty of people to chat with as you go, so be ready for some socialization.Even on a weekday there can be quite a few people. I came in contact with 20+ people during my 5 hours on the trail. Be sure to wear your hiking boots too, it can be quite rocky.

This trail begins on the Tahoe Rim Trail/Pacific Coast Trail and crosses into Desolation Wilderness. A permit is required for this trail and they can be found at the trailhead. 
Starting out on the trail. 
The trail is pretty well maintained and heavily trafficked, so it's easy to follow. 

A section of the trail along Echo Lake. Rocks anyone? 
I love seeing this sign...
When you're trying to "Get Gone" - Desolation Wilderness is very appealing...

And during this time of year, you can find yourself walking by large fields of wildflowers. 

What a gorgeous August Day. 
Yep. Still headed in the right direction... :-)
Found this pond just before the lake. Covered with lily pads. 

And I made it! Lake Aloha with a heart cloud floating above. I enjoy finding/collecting rocks shaped like hearts and smiley faces in nature, so this one was pretty cool!

The water levels were much lower than I expected since many lakes are still pretty full.
Last time I was here, the water was quite a bit higher. 

And when you make it to the lake, you must take a minute to take it all in.
I enjoyed a nice cucumber salad/hummus wrap for lunch and took a moment to feed my soul...

Also testing out my new mini-tripod.
More far-away selfies to follow...

This lake is 2 miles long, so the scenery changes are you walk around it.
This is the NE Side of the lake.

As can often happen in Tahoe,  the weather changed in the afternoon.
A few large dark clouds rolled in overhead.  

It started dropping some of this weird wet stuff.
Wait! That's rain! Haven't seen any of this in months...

Seeing Echo Lake again on the way back. 

My "Get Gone" time for today is over, but it was a beautiful day for a hike. Only thing missing was my favorite person to share it with. (He had to work) 
I'm sure we will be sharing more adventures together soon! 

Now, go get gone!