Ralston Peak

Ralston Peak
Twin Bridges, CA
Desolation Wilderness
Elevation 9,239

Found out I was getting half the day off on a Wednesday and felt like I really needed to get gone. Ralston Peak had been on my list and it seemed like the timing was right. I usually try to get out earlier in the day to avoid the heat, but decided to go anyway. It ended up being a hot day and above the tree line I felt like I was a roasted marshmallow for a bit. Was glad to get back into the trees at the end. 

Ralston Peak Trail is accessed by driving to Camp Sacramento on Hwy 50. There is a parking lot on the north side of the highway as well as a small access road. If you get there early enough, you can drive up the access road and park right at the trailhead. Being that this was a Wednesday, I was lucky enough to park there. 

You will be entering Desolation not far from here, so a permit is needed and available right at the trailhead. 

Thankful that part of the trail will be in the shade. Temps are reaching 90+

And off I go!

Gorgeous clear day. Already starting to have some beautiful views

It's a steep climb the entire way, so I'm pacing myself since it's my first time up this one. 

Not a bad view, at all...

One of my favorite signs...

This is a pretty heavily trafficked trail, so it's pretty easy to follow. 
Although parts are quite rocky. 

Views of Sierra at Tahoe ski runs

This part of the trail gets a little sketchy with being able to follow it. 
Should have built a cairn or two. Maybe on the next trip.  

This part of the trail gets pretty hot. No shade in sight. 

And then the peak comes into view. 
A short rock scramble and you're there!

The views from the top are amazing!

I didn't spend too much time at the top. 
Just long enough to enjoy a nice sandwich and sit down for a bit 
and take in the views. I was missing my Get Gone partner 
as he had to work. Peak bagging is fun, 
but even more fun with the right partner.♥ 

And back down I go!

I followed it just fine going up, but coming down got a little off trail for a bit. 
Although, with this kind of hike it's easy to get back on the right path. 
D-O-W-N is the right direction... And I knew it was right on the tree line, so just walked down until I hit trees and walked that contour for a little while. Quickly found the trail again. 

Happy Trails!

This hike ended up not being as difficult as I thought it would be. I practically ran back down. I should be able to get up this one faster the next time around. 
My tracks as recorded by Strava.

3 hours and 45 minutes and just over 3,000 feet of climbing. 

Now, go get gone!