Snowshoeing Ice House

 Snowshoeing Ice House Road
Pollock Pines, CA
It's been one of the wettest winters on record for our area and not seeing the outdoors has been wearing on both of us. We saw a break on the weekend and decided that no matter what the weather, we were going to get out and find some fresh air. Thankfully, the weather gods were kind and gave us the break in the weather we were hoping for. It snowed off and on and rained too on the drive up. Temps were right at about 32 degrees and we were both wondering what was in store. 

But all rain and no sun makes for two fresh-air starving people, so whatever the day brings we were ready!! It was definitely time to get gone... 

The drive up was not looking good. We thought for sure we would get turned around and almost took the turnoff for Sly Park. But decided to see if we could make it all the way to Ice House Road off of Highway 50. Thankfully, we made it!! 

We drove down Ice House Road until it looked like this. AWD is great, but it's definitely not 4WD, nor do we have snow tires. So, it was time to find a place to park, don the snowshoes and see where our feet would take us. 

There is a TON of fresh powder. Snowshoeing for miles while post-holing 18-24" every step is not the funnest way to spend the day. So we went down Peavine Ridge Road. It had been plowed, but still lots of snow covering it and very little, if any traffic. We would be able to cover some ground, get away from everyone and still get out to play. Here is our "Snowfie"! 

After about a mile of going down Peavine Road, we decided it was time to head off into the fresh powder. It was very soft and trailblazing was a slow process. But, it was a great way to get some cardio in though. Following, was definitely easier than breaking trail. So, we traded off and we each led for a bit. 

Here is my prairie dog impression as I peak over the wall of snow that lines the edge of the road. 

Trailblazing! The barbed wire fences were almost completely buried and the gates closing off the side access roads were completely covered. 

He's taking a picture of me taking his picture. We are total goofballs.  

Yep, that's some deep snow!

Our view for a quick snack. Not too shabby. 

Enjoying a Bobo's Oat Bar and a pear. Yummy snacktime, but it gets cold fast when you're not moving! Amazingly enough, we are both having a great time and this little outing is inspiring us to plan the next adventure. Snow camping!! We have both never tried it and the wheels are quickly turning. Oh, this is going to happen soon!

The sun decided to come out and play for a little bit too! Was a very welcome sight. 

Two "much happier" people now that we've been able to get out and play. 

What a gorgeous end to the day. Blue sky and sunshine shining on the mountain side. 

We ended up covering about 3.1 miles. Was a blast. More snow adventures are definitely to come. There is so much snow, I imagine it will still be on the mountains through summer. 

Rain, Snow or cold, it didn't stop us from finding a way to go out and play. 
Now, go and get gone!!