Kayaking South Lake Tahoe from Meeks Bay

Kayaking South Lake Tahoe
Departing from Meeks Bay

With triple digit heat baking the valley and foothills, we both were looking forward to a cool down.  So we packed up some drybags and threw the yaks on top of  LeeLoo (Honda Element).  There are plenty of great paddle sport locations all around Lake Tahoe and we decided on seeing Emerald Bay for the day.  

Well.............. so did everyone else. D.L. Bliss park was full and they did not have boat launch drop offs. We went a little further up the road (Highway 89) to Meeks Bay and found it not quite as full or busy.

These are great little sit on tops. They are very stable, track well, room for gear and most importantly....they are just a tic under eight feet long and will fit in a standard bedroom closet......perfect for my downsized lifestyle.....they also fit nicely on top of LeeLoo.

Launched right from the beach at Meeks Bay, light winds, cool water and a gorgeous day.

We paddled North around the point towards Sugar Pine Point and Tahoma......not sure what was up that way, but thought we could check it out. 

The colors of the water all along the lake are amazing. From dark blue to cerulean and azure to turquoise.  

The shoreline North was mostly treed right to the waterline and offered plenty of opportunities to go ashore and have lake front views all to yourself.

We stayed along the shore for most of the trek and the clarity of the water makes you think its much shallower than it really is.

They call him Jonathan...

As we rounded the point we began to see more people along the water enjoying the day. We had reached Sugar Pine Point and found tables and benches all along the waters edge. Looks like a great place to go ashore and have lunch.

Its a beautiful park with lots of recreational activities. Here is a brochure link ( https://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/510/files/EdZbergSugarPinePointSPWebBrochure2013.pdf )

After lunch we were back on the water and continuing north around Sugar Pine Point and up to Tahoma. Upon reaching Tahoma we realized that the secluded shoreline we had been enjoying most of the day ended and most everything beyond that were residences and businesses, all along the shoreline.

We saw plenty of other kayakers and paddle boarders that day. Bring your own or you can also rent. We found one rental service right at Sugar Pine point that offered singles, doubles and SUP's

6 miles in 4 hours